Friday, September 13, 2013

When I was much younger and people used to mention "hobbies" I would sometimes ask myself...what are THOSE?  To me, every hour of the 24 hour day had a certain and specific amount of things to do within each one and there never seemed to be enough of them...hours that is!   Being an eighth grade English teacher, having 3 boys and a husband that worked nights, I couldn't imagine having any extra time for those crazy things called hobbies!

 Fast forward to grown children, 10 years into retirement and all of those household items on your bucket list you swore you would do when you stopped working (cleaning out drawers and closets, window washing, carpet cleaning, becoming a "better" housekeeper, becoming a gourmet cook)  done and redone several times, well all except the gourmet cook part,  I finally realized I did have time for that strange and illusive animal called a "hobby".

Being the second of 4 girls, my older sister Tommie and I were the only 2 of the sisters that had reached that beautiful age of "retirement".  When Carol, the third sister, began working at a new job that was very close to Tommie's house, they began meeting a day or two a week and having lunch together.  During this chat, chow time Carol would bring her knitting projects and in a short time Tommie was hooked and Carol had created her first of 3 very serious what we call "little monsters".  Carol has always been a knitter and had tried over the years to generate in her 3 sisters an interest in this "hobby". Our Grandmother had taught Carol to knit at a young age and Carol had worked with yarns and needles and all things fiber arts for many years. During these fun lunch dates, Tommie became the second of the 4 Campbell girls to get infected with the "knitting bug"!

 To be honest, when they began talking about their "projects" and their "yarns'" and the fun they had at their  "knit, chat, chow"  sessions  I wanted to join basically for the "chow".  Did I mention that the Campbell girls, (well 3 of them anyway) are wonderful cooks.  At my first lunch meeting of "knit, chat, chow" I had a great lunch and thought, "Oh, OK, if I want to keep coming for lunch I better learn to make a scarf or something easy".  Needless to say...Carol's second little monster was born!  It took the 3 of us about a year to talk the baby sister, Trish, into giving it a go.  Now as Carol said earlier, the 4 of us meet once a week and share our projects, our lives, and our love for each other.  Some days we take field trips and visit local yarn shops, sheep shearings, thrift stores and other fun places.  Our knitting fever has morphed and expanded into a love of weaving, crocheting, spinning, dyeing and all things YARN!!

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